Friday, March 6, 2009

Drive-by Shooting

Dallas to Eureka Springs is about 377 miles. Takes about six hours. Drive straight up 75, connect to 69, east on I40, north on a beautiful stretch of 540 and finish the last 45 miles out of Fayetteville meandering thru the Ozark Mountains. Depending on when you travel, the Ozarks can be the most scenic part of this road trip while the eastern Oklahoma stretch can be a real eyesore prolific with speedtraps. Atoka, Caney, McAlester and other small towns lay in wait for lead-footed drivers. With high gas prices and the chance of a speeding ticket, I keep my speed in check. Too expensive in more ways than one.
Slowing down has it's advantages, though. Less stressful and you notice more. Like all the weirdness that exists in roadside America. Especially in the rural south.  


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