Saturday, February 28, 2009

Man's Best Friend

Friends & associates of mine have been telling me for years to create a blog. Well, here it is. About darn time, too, as I most likely don't have that many years left if life keeps coming at me like it has in recent, years. First, I'd like to thank my good friend Nancy Sherrill, in Atlanta, for really double pushing me. Thanks Nancy! Maybe I'll pick up the phone & give her a "shout out". Yeah. "Shout out". Yet another word...words...phrase...of our times. I can't hardly keep up. Further, do I really want to? Voicemail, myspace, facebook, linked in,text, flicker, twitter, tweak, twit, fart. Sheesh. Can we just go have a cold beer & a bong hit. Keep it simple. Good idea. So here's a simple picture of me & my dogs. Lulu is the little one, Shadow is the more fierce looking one. Both are really wonderful animals, found in the summer of 2000. This photo was shot in Conifer, Colorado at a friend's home. Cort & Dickie Langworthy.